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2502, 2015

How to get great results from social media in 30 minutes a day…

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Social Media is the new television. A recent study by Ispos found that the average social network user spends at least 3.6 hours on social media every day. This is huge!

Small business owners can’t afford to ignore social media as it is where many of their ideal customers are spending a great deal of their time.

Customers are using social media more than ever […]

602, 2015

5 habits of highly successful small businesses

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There’s been a lot of talk at the start of the year about the importance of defining our vision for the future, setting our business goals, and drawing up plans to make them happen.

I’ve been enjoying taking time out to ‘think big’ and set the direction for my business year too, but amongst all the strategising and future planning, what practical […]